Happy summer everybody! Hope you are all living it up and having a blast with your friends and loved ones. Summer is the time to fit all the activities you have been eagerly waiting for all year into just 3 short months. With a schedule as busy as that, it is easy to forget the little things like taking care of your mouth! Bonfire after bonfire, boat ride after boat ride, festival after festival, who can blame you? Well, luckily there is nothing easier than just popping a lozenge in your mouth and turning that bacteria on your side! Daily Dental Care lozenges are small, easy to travel with, and perfect for on the go. Whether you are on a road trip, vacationing in the Bahamas, canoeing in the Boundary Waters, or enjoying a beverage on your deck, it’s is the easy choice!

How about those camping trips with no running water? Although our lozenges do not work in place of brushing your teeth, they are sure better than doing nothing at all! Enjoy your s’mores with piece of mind this summer. Take a lozenge after every meal and regulate those saliva acidity levels. We also offer the option of a mint flavor and an orange flavor, so choose what suits you best! Don’t let oral care hold you back this summer!

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