Pure. Simple. Elegant.

Our products are different from other products in the market because they all leverage a unique prebiotic-focused approach to managing oral bacteria called Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology (SMMRT). Simply put, we’re changing the behavior of bacteria toward more health-promoting behaviors and anti-inflammatory by-products using nutrients. Our approach doesn’t aim to eradicate all bacteria like antiseptics and antibiotics, which can cause microbial resistance and result in an an unhealthy microbiome.

Our first product offering is in the form of a dental lozenge or “Smart Mintz”, as we like to call them. Do you or someone you know eat a lot of starches, sugar, coffee, and/or soda? Do you have an aging parent with dry mouth, gum disease, or other dental problems who often forget to manage their daily dental hygiene? Do you have a parent in long term care who’s daily dental hygiene needs aren’t being met?

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