Do you or someone you know eat a lot of starches, sugar, coffee, fruit and/or soda?

pHossident™- dental hygiene, reinvented.

pHossident is more effective than other dental hygiene products. It leverages a unique prebiotic-focused approach to managing oral bacteria called SMMRT:

  • Selective
  • Microbial
  • Metabolism
  • Regulation
  • Technology

Simply put, it blocks bacteria from converting the sugar you eat to acid, plaque and other destructive by-products. This approach doesn’t aim to eradicate all bacteria like antiseptics, which can cause microbial resistance and result in an an unhealthy oral microbiome.

pHossident is first being offered in the form of a prebiotic dental lozenge available in fresh mint and orangesicle flavors. It’s a convenient, effective way for the whole family to supplement your daily dental hygiene regimen.