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Is my toothpaste toxic?

Have you ever noticed that there's a warning label on toothpaste that tells you to call poison control if ingested in large amounts? It's mostly due to the litany of harmful ingredients (chemicals) added in the name of "bacteria control". As it turns out, the bacteria...

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Travel Easy with Daily Dental Care

Happy summer everybody! Hope you are all living it up and having a blast with your friends and loved ones. Summer is the time to fit all the activities you have been eagerly waiting for all year into just 3 short months. With a schedule as busy as that, it is easy to...

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How coffee can affect your teeth.

Your Morning Routine: All coffee lovers, myself included, love to kick-start their day by drinking a steaming cup of coffee from their beloved Keurig, french press, or other form of coffee maker. However, most fail to note the affect this morning routine...

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Healthy Foods For A Healthy Mouth

In case you didn’t know, there are actually more ways to help clean your mouth other than just brushing your teeth. There are actually natural ingredients found in many different foods that can help keep your mouth clean in more ways than one....

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Mouthwash: The Ineffective Solution

We’re all familiar with the convenient attraction of mouthwash. That minty swig is a quick and effective solution to the infamous bad breath everyone wants to avoid, right? To begin, it is important to understand some of the primary ingredients that make up the...

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Wait, what?!? Microbes s#*t in my Mouth?

Yep! They certainly do. The many, many of millions of [mostly] bacteria, fungi and some protozoans that inhabit our mouths eat the food we eat, digest it and secrete waste products, which are either absorbed through your mouth or are swallowed. What many people don't...

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