The problem, in a nutshell.

The mouth contains billions of beneficial and harmful bacteria. Overgrowth of harmful bacteria causes an imbalance of the oral microbiome and results in inflammation, cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Our technology displays the ability to shift the oral environment from disease-causing to health-promoting in as soon as five days.

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Born out of a years of research to understand and resolve her grandmother’s life-threatening medical conditions due to neglected dental hygiene in her assisted living facility, Dr. Emily Stein founded Daily Dental Care, LLC in 2017. Her mission is to educate and re-enlighten us all to what has been lost in our current, overly-sanitized culture. That antibiotic and antiseptic treatments in oral care destroy the beneficial, human-friendly microorganisms we need for great health. Emily and her team have developed a pipeline of safe, non-toxic products and compositions that work elegantly using nutrients to neutralize harmful bacteria and empower health-promoting bacteria to balance oral ecology for health.

Scientists. Innovators. Humanitarians.


Our founder’s motivation for establishing Daily Dental Care stems from her love for her grandmother, who experienced a health crisis due to neglected dental hygiene while in assisted living. After several tooth extractions, she suffered a major stroke which significantly impaired her mobility and quality of life. Witnessing the downward spiral of her grandmother’s health linked to something as simple as inadequate dental hygiene hyper-motivated Dr. Stein. She felt as though both she and the system had failed her grandmother.

In her spare time, she began screening generally recognized as safe (GRAS) ingredients in search of a combination that was effective and easily-administered. After five years of testing and refinement, her compositions were ready for commercial production. In its first iteration, it has taken the form of a sugar free, rapid-melt lozenge, or “smart mint”. Our lozenge uses nutrients to steer bacterial behavior and inhibit bacteria’s ability to convert sugar into harmful by-products, such as acid and plaque, which are responsible for tooth decay and gum disease.

This composition of ingredients that effectively neutralized the harmful by-products of bacteria, while encouraging health-promoting behaviors. Our studies have shown that this composition addresses acid production, oral biofilm (plaque) production, and growth of disease-causing bacteria associated with cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. She patented this combination of prebiotic, bioactive ingredients and added it to a convenient lozenge for easy, convenient administration…especially for her grandmother.

During her research and development, she gained a full understanding of just how severe the oral care crisis is here in the U.S. and around the world. As a result, she created our dental care-focused life sciences company with an overarching goal of improving public health by developing groundbreaking supplemental oral care products that are proactive in managing dental health.

Our difference

A paradigm shift.

Many approaches to managing oral bacteria use highly toxic “molecular sledgehammer” solutions that indiscriminately destroy most of the bacteria in your mouth. However, there are many health benefits provided by beneficial bacteria. Our breakthrough microbial technology empowers your “guardian” bacteria to out-compete harmful bacteria in the oral environment and balance your oral ecology.

No nonsense.

pH balanced, fully consumable and free of harmful chemicals and sulfates. All our bioactive ingredients have over 40 years of safety testing. We do not test our products on animals.

Efficacy is essential.

Over five years of data and case studies have demonstrated our approach to oral bacteria management to be fast, safe, and effective. Our technology has also demonstrated the unique ability to empower health-promoting bacteria to guard your mouth against the destruction that sugar causes.

Created with pride.

Our products are manufactured in a certified cGMP facility with the highest quality standards. We go the extra mile to responsibly source our ingredients and have them quality tested by a separate and independent, 3rd party laboratory for safety and purity.