Your Morning Routine:

All coffee lovers, myself included, love to kick-start their day by drinking a steaming cup of coffee from their beloved Keurig, french press, or other form of coffee maker. However, most fail to note the affect this morning routine may have on their dental health. Coffee contains an ingredient known as tannis, which is a type of poly phenol that will break down in the presence of water. When these compounds break down, color compounds more readily stick to your teeth leaving behind that ugly yellowish tint on your teeth.

How You Can Help Your Teeth:

It only takes one cup of coffee a day to start staining your teeth, but what are the steps you can take to prevent this? First of all, avoid the creamer and sugar in your coffee as this only speeds up the discoloration processes. Finish your coffee in one sitting, don’t drink it periodically across multiple hours, or continuously drink coffee throughout the day. After you’ve finished your delightful mug of Joe, brush your teeth, and pop a Daily Dental Care Lozenge in your mouth. The Daily Dental Care Lozenges contain Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Carbonate that work to neutralize the acidity in your mouth (coffee helps bacteria in your mouth to create acids), whiten your teeth, help re-mineralize teeth, and strengthen enamel leaving you with a healthy mouth.

My Teeth Are Already Stained! Is My Smile Ruined?

No need to worry, most dentists will be able to get rid of those pesky coffee stains with periodic cleaning, and with Daily Dental Care Lozenges you can further supplement your dental cleaning. However, a slight change in diet can go a long way in preventing the effects of coffee on your teeth. Raw fruits and vegetables contain natural fibers that clean your teeth by breaking down bacteria in your mouth, and eating any food before you drink your coffee can help prevent the effects.

Following these steps can help make your morning cup of joe that much more enjoyable.