That’s right! Those gummy vitamins certainly are. Most parents will give their kids two of these gummy vitamins a day thinking they are providing a healthy and nutritional option. While these gummy vitamins may be providing some nutritional benefit to your kid, it’s doing so at the cost of a healthy smile steep dental bills.

What makes them so bad for you?

It’s no surprise why kids love these gummy vitamins and will gladly take them every morning. They are packed with tasty flavorings and sugar. When compared to a regular multi-vitamin, gummy vitamins contain 7x as much sugar and 4x the calories. Although the sugar content in these gummy vitamins is quite small, many fail to consider the adverse effects associated with the sticky consistency of these “nutritional” supplements. They can stick to teeth for hours on hours giving the sugar more than enough time to start forming cavities, and nobody likes cavities.

What other options are out there?

Vitamins are a supplement that can provide both children and adults with many nutritional benefits. If you are going to go with a vitamin that doesn’t require a pill to be swallowed, consider using a powder in lieu of a gummy. Or, if you simply can’t resist, make sure to brush your teeth and/or rinse out your mouth with water to get rid of any residue left by the gummy (or chew-able) vitamin. However, the best alternative is getting you and your kids comfortable with swallowing pills, as these will provide you with all the nutritional benefits without having to worry about damaging your teeth. Consider choosing healthier options for you and your kids and keep your teeth away from danger!

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