"We live in a reactionary society that only treats existing health issues. Imagine if we could proactively manage the root cause of those issues to the point of not needing treatment."

–  Dr. Emily Stein, CEO & Co-founder

“Due to a car accident that affected my bite, I’ve had deep gum pockets in my upper back molars for years. After only 6 weeks of taking Daily Dental Care lozenges, the pockets measured smaller for the first time! My hygienist was amazed – She said pockets only get bigger, never smaller. But mine are shrinking! Thank you Daily Dental Care!! - Marsha U.

“I originally purchased the lozenges for my 86 year old mother. She takes 2-3 lozenges after meals. She likes the taste and seems to look forward to taking them after meals. I noticed that her breath no longer smells bad and she tells me that her mouth doesn’t feel as dry as before. I’ve also been taking the lozenges and my mouth feels really clean. I’m so thankful I found this product and highly recommend it to everyone.” - Dr. Eleanor T. D.D.S

I went in for a regular dental check-up and my hygienist said that my pocket depths have improved significantly since I came in 6 months ago. She asked me what I was doing differently and I told her that the only thing I’ve changed is taking Daily Dental Care lozenges every day for the past few months. “Well, keep doing it!” She told me as I left… what a great trip to the dentist. Thanks! - Amy T.

My daughter used Daily Dental Care lozenges after starting orthodontic work. She started to develop many cavities due to placement of hardware. She used the lozenges to help curb the bacterial growth around her dental hardware. She was grateful for an additional solution, as brushing and flossing alone was not enough. She likes the taste of them too!

  - Beth S.

*Each testimonial is one individual’s experience using the product. Individual results may vary.

We create formulations that balance oral ecology for a healthy mouth.

When it comes to bacteria – we seed the good and neutralize the bad.

Our initial formulation, pHossident, is offered in our lozenges or “smart mints”, which are designed to be a convenient, effective oral care supplement for maintaining dental hygiene on the go or when brushing and flossing just aren’t enough. Invented by a Stanford-trained scientist, they contain a naturally safe composition of active ingredients that help balance your oral ecology to promote:


Strong teeth + Healthy gums + Fresh breath!

We understand the power of health-promoting microorganisms and the therapeutic benefits of balancing oral ecology. When you empower your good bacteria, they provide you with essential nutrients, metabolize indigestible compounds, defend against colonization of opportunistic harmful bacteria, stimulate the immune system and contribute to overall health.

Reactionary oral care treatments at toxic levels (antibiotics and antiseptics like mouthwashes, oral rinses, etc.) aim to eradicate all bacteria, creating stronger and more resilient strains of disease-causing microorganisms to grow back and cause more harm. Our dental prebiotic compositions leverage a safe, breakthrough science that shifts the oral ecology from disease-causing to health-promoting. How? Simply by giving your good “guardian” bacteria nutrients that empower them to survive and out-compete the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Daily Dental Care lozenges are a supplemental oral care product and are not intended to replace daily dental hygiene practices.

NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.