Dental and Health Care Professionals

The mouth is the gateway to the body. Studies show a strong correlation between dental health and overall health.

Whether you’re a dentist, caregiver, or health care practitioner, you’ve seen the negative effects of poor oral health on quality of life. Research shows a strong link between dental disease and other diseases such as pneumonia, cerebral abscess, bacterial endocarditis, and septicemia. Our first product, Daily Dental Care lozenges, can help you provide a much-needed oral care solution in the form of a consumable lozenge that has the ability to reduce harmful oral bacteria without disrupting health-promoting bacteria necessary for a healthy mouth. Distribute to patients and residents as a supplemental approach to oral care. Certain populations have less than ideal results from their regular dental hygiene efforts, have them take these lozenges after brushing and flossing or when it isn’t convenient to do so during the day.

Our mission is to provide a cost effective solutions to improve the quality of life for your patients and residents in the following areas:

  • Dental clinics
  • Senior care facilities
  • Acute care facilities
  • Alzheimer’s and memory care
  • In home care
  • Veterans group homes
  • Special needs group homes

We also aim to serve:

  • Children’s group homes
  • Children’s institutions
  • Homes and shelters for vulnerable populations
  • Inpatient behavioral health facilities

Is your long term care facility interested in ordering Daily Dental Care lozenges as a supplement to your existing oral care regimen? Please contact us directly at or fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.